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Auto-generation of Translatable Fields

This document describes how Wagtail Localize automatically generates translatable fields from a model.

1. Check if translatable_fields attribute is defined

If the translatable_fields attribute is defined on the model, this whole process is bypassed. See the Configuring translatable fields guide for more information on how to set this attribute.

2. Discover fields on the model

The first step is to loop through all fields defined on the model. This is done at the Django ORM level rather than on panels.

The following are excluded:

  • Auto fields, such as id
  • Any field with editable=False
  • ManyToManyField and ParentalKey
  • Parent link fields, such as page_ptr
  • Inherited MP_Node fields named path, depth, and numchild
  • Inherited Page fields named go_live_at, expire_at, first_published_at, content_type and owner

Next, we look at text fields. All text fields (including RichTextField and StreamField) are set to translatable, except for the following which are set to synchronised:

  • URLField and EmailField
  • CharField with choices set

ForeignKey and OneToOneField fields are set to translatable if the referenced model inherits from TranslatableMixin, otherwise they are set to synchronised.

If the field defines a get_translatable_segments method, it is set to translatable.

All other fields that weren't excluded earlier are set to synchronised.

3. Discover child relationships on the model

Now we look at child relationships. These are relationships that are created by adding a ParentalKey from another model to this one. They are commonly used for inline panels on pages.

If the current model is a page, we exclude the comments child relation as we do not want to synchronise or translate these.

If the child model inherits from TranslatableMixin, they are set as translatable. All others are set as synchronised.

4. Apply overrides

Finally we check for a override_translatable_fields attribute on the model, which allows a developer to change the decisions that were automatically made. For example, they may want to make the slug field on pages synchronised rather than translated.