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Installation guide

Before you start, follow Wagtail's configuration guide to enable internationalisation in Wagtail and Django.

Install the Python package

Firstly install wagtial-localize Python package.

If you are using pip, use the following command:

pip install wagtail-localize


Now add wagtail_localize to your INSTALLED_APPS setting:

    # ...
    # ...

Enabling the "Sync from" field (optional)

Wagtail Localize has a feature that allows you to automatically synchronise language trees. This means that any new pages created in a source language are automatically created as an alias in another language.

The locales that are synchronised from others can be managed through the Wagtail admin interface.

To enable this, replace the "wagtail.locales" entry in INSTALLED_APPS with "wagtail_localize.locales", this will add a "Sync from" field to all locales that allows an administrator to choose a locale to synchronise content from.

Disabling the default translation mode

Wagtail Localize will automatically go in translation mode when creating new translations for models.

To disable this behaviour globally, set WAGTAIL_LOCALIZE_DEFAULT_TRANSLATION_MODE = "simple" in your settings file. If you wish to disable it per page or model type, set the localize_default_translation_mode attribute to "simple" on your model. The default value is synced.


from wagtail.models import Page

class MyPage(Page):
    localize_default_translation_mode = "simple"
    # ...

Saving new translations as drafts

Live versions of models that support drafts (i.e. subclasses of Page, and models which inherit DraftStateMixin and RevisionMixin) which are submitted for translation are made live immediately by default.

If you would like to ensure that live instances which are newly submitted for translation remain as drafts for manual publication, set WAGTAILLOCALIZE_SYNC_LIVE_STATUS_ON_TRANSLATE = False in your settings file.

Control translation cleanup mode

Changed in 1.3

Prior to version 1.3, Translation objects were marked as disabled and all related data was kept. This led to confusion and poor user experience. To restore the previous behaviour, set WAGTAILLOCALIZE_DISABLE_ON_DELETE = True in your settings file.

Wagtail Localize will remove translation data when the translation source (e.g. original page) or the translation destination (e.g. translated page) is deleted.

To disable the Translation object and keep the related data, such as translated strings or overrides, set WAGTAILLOCALIZE_DISABLE_ON_DELETE = True in your settings file.